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Commercial Vehicle Modified Seats, Why Do You Choose Aviation Seats?

With the popularity of commercial vehicle modification, aviation seats have almost become one of the must-have items for people to modify. But do you really know about MPV seats? Today Xiaolan will introduce you in detail!

In the true sense, an aviation seat should refer to a seat with independent armrests and leg rest functions, and can be turned into a reclining chair at any time. Now it is more common to use this aviation seat for the modification of commercial vehicles and SUVs. Compared with ordinary seats, it has richer and more complete functions, and it looks much more advanced in appearance.


We professionally modify commercial vehicles: Mercedes-Benz, Vito, Buick GL8, Toyota Senna, Matway, Alison, Alpha, Kailuwei, Chase, Ford Transit Aviation seats mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Security. Safety is the primary focus of aviation products. Aviation seats, like other aviation products, must meet corresponding quality standards, pass required tests and obtain corresponding airworthiness certificates.

2. Seat material flame retardancy requirements. It is mainly seat cushions, seat covers, and seat belts. The metal frame cannot be burned. All materials on the seat have a burn report. In addition, both Airbus and Boeing have mandatory smoke and toxicity testing requirements for aircraft seat cushions. It is conceivable how high the fuel requirements are for the land emergency evacuation time of civil aviation airliners in the 90s.

3. Seat comfort. Air seats are mainly installed in this car, and our activity space is also small, and we will not feel very tired if we sit in a fixed posture for a long time in this space. According to the principles of ergonomics, the best sitting posture for human beings is a 135-degree sitting posture, which can maintain the shape of the spine and reduce the pressure on the spine.


4. Strong functionality. Electric backrest adjustment, electric back and forth movement, electric leg rest adjustment. There are also electric (manual) rotation, USB charging, wireless charging, memory function, auxiliary heating, ventilation, massage and other functions. Everything!

5. Style customization. Now the refitting technology is becoming more and more mature, and the seat production styles are becoming more and more diverse, as well as color choices. You can also engrave your favorite logo on the seat.


Due to the different styles and models of aviation seats, there are many differences in size. Ordinary aviation seats can still meet most MPVs, mainly Senna and SUV models may have head problems, so car owners must be careful when choosing seats. To choose the right one.

Post time: Feb-15-2023