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Do You Really Know About VIP Seats?

Our understanding of aviation seats generally refers to the seats loaded on the aircraft. An airline seat in the true sense is a widened seat with independent armrests and leg rests that can be converted into a recliner.
This kind of seat installed on the car is generally referred to as “aviation seat” in the modification industry, and can also be called the chief business seat, luxury business seat, and multi-functional seat.
However, it is obviously different from the airline seat on the plane.
This kind of air seat installed on the car is generally used in some large SUVs, MPVs, buses and RVs. It has the following characteristics:
①High comfort
Automobile aviation seats are composed of cast iron structure skeleton, high-density polyurethane sponge, high-quality leather and some motors and auxiliary function accessories. The ergonomic design is generally adopted, and the back has a sponge semi-wrapped support. High-grade leather, such as genuine leather, will fit the skin very well.

②Strong functionality
The main functions of the aviation seat are: electric backrest adjustment, electric front and rear movement, and electric leg rest adjustment. There are also functions like electric (manual) rotation, USB charging, wireless charging, memory function, auxiliary heating, ventilation, massage, etc.
There are various styles of car aviation seats, and the choice of leather material, the style of leather cover and the auxiliary functions of the seat can be customized. Generally, the optional leathers are: domestic imitation leather (PU), domestic microfiber leather, imported microfiber leather, imported brushed Nagapi leather, genuine leather and so on.

About car aviation seat size

Due to different styles and models, the dimensions of airline seats are also different, but generally the size difference is not large. Since the airline seat has a leg rest, it will take up some space when the backrest is folded down. If you want to ride comfortably, you need to reserve a plane size of 1.2 meters long and 80 cm wide for a reasonable installation size.

The width of a conventional airline seat (with armrests) is generally 62-65 cm, the height is generally 100-110 cm, and the depth (from front to back) is 75-78 cm. Of course, some special widened and enlarged air seats are higher than this figure, and of course this kind of seat is not easy to install on conventional models. When two aviation seats need to be installed in the same row, the aisle must be reserved, the width of the vehicle is also required, and the flatness of the floor will also affect the installation of the seat, and if the inner height is not enough, it cannot be installed. Therefore, not all vehicles are suitable for installing aviation seats.

Post time: Sep-13-2022