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News - Features and Precautions of Gel Positioning Pads
Mikufoam is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various foam products

Features and Precautions of Gel Positioning Pads

The gel position pad is composed of polymer gel and film, which has good flexibility, compression resistance and shock absorption. It is transparent to X-rays, waterproof, insulating and non-conductive. The material does not contain latex and plasticizer, and it is not easy to grow bacteria and is not allergic. Temperature tolerance is -18C to +55C. Easy to clean, it can be sterilized with non-corrosive disinfectant specially designed for operating room. Fumigation and high temperature and high pressure sterilization are strictly prohibited.

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Designed according to ergonomic principles, the position pad has hundreds of specifications, so as to provide patients with stable, soft and comfortable position fixation, provide the surgeon with the best surgical field of vision, and shorten the operation time. The Mikufoam gel position pad is designed and manufactured with special medical materials according to the human body shape and surgical angle, which can better fix the patient’s position and achieve ideal surgical results.


The gel material can effectively relieve tenderness, disperse fulcrum pressure points, reduce compressive injury of muscles and nerves, and prevent pressure ulcers. The gel has been tested for non-toxicity, non-irritancy and non-sensitization, and will not cause any damage to the patient’s skin; perfusion production technology (that is, the gel is injected through a 1-2cm perfusion port, the seal is small, and it is not easy to burst and split, Long service life and high cost performance.

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1. Avoid contact with hard and sharp objects;

2. Do not use corrosive and iodine-containing disinfectant cleaners to clean the surface of the mat;

3. It should be stored flat, avoid sunlight and dust; avoid ultraviolet radiation;

4. Avoid pushing the human body positioning pad under the patient’s use part with force to ensure the smoothness of the contact surface between the pad and the body;

Cleaning and Disinfection Method

1. For the dirt on the surface of the mat, it can be cleaned with water or detergent, or it can be disinfected with alcohol;

2. It is not recommended to scrub with iodine-containing disinfectant;

3. Can not be sterilized and fumigated at high temperature and high pressure;

4. Do not soak in disinfectant for a long time;

5. Avoid disinfection with ultraviolet radiation.


Post time: Jul-12-2022