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News - How about a gel mattress? What are the disadvantages and advantages?
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How about a gel mattress? What are the disadvantages and advantages?

There are two common types of gel mattresses, one is an ice pad for summer, which is made of gel, and the other is a memory foam gel mattress, the filling material is memory foam , but the surface layer is gelatinous.

What are the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of these two different gel mattresses?

1. What is a gel?

A substance with constant temperature properties between liquid and solid, breathable and skin-friendly is called “artificial skin”. The water content of the polymer gel is very good, and it can efficiently absorb the body heat into the gel mattress. Through the high conductivity and diffusivity of heat, it becomes a good heat exchange process, so as to achieve a cooling effect.


2. What are the characteristics of gel mattresses?

1) Refreshing and comfortable

Since the gel is in a semi-solid form, this special touch makes it breathable, constant temperature, insect-proof and mite-proof; the most direct impact of the gel mattress on sleep is to control the sleep temperature, which can be maintained at about 1.5 degrees lower than the human body surface. High temperature, promote blood circulation, enable human skin and subcutaneous tissue to obtain effective aerobic respiration, give people a great sense of comfort, greatly improve the quality of sleep, and effectively promote deep and healthy sleep for the human body.

2) Sweat-absorbing beauty

The gel mattress can effectively absorb sweat and wick away moisture, which is beneficial to the skin moisturizing, and has the effect of beauty and beauty.

3) Improve the bearing capacity

The gel added to the memory foam can greatly improve the support and fit of the memory foam and deeply protect the health of the spine.

4) Slow rebound

The rebound rate of the gel memory foam after being sunk under pressure can better meet the needs of the human body.


3. The difference between gel mattresses and latex mattresses

1) Applicable season

Because the gel has a cooling effect, it is generally used more in summer, while the latex mattress does not have this limitation and can be used all year round;

2) Softness and hardness

Compared with gel, latex is a little softer, and gel feels harder when used. Of course, this is relative;

3) Service life

Due to the aging phenomenon of latex, the service life of gel mattresses is generally higher than that of latex mattresses.

Post time: Jun-27-2022