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How much do you know about polyurethane rigid foam

Rigid polyurethane foam, referred to as rigid polyurethane foam, is second only to flexible polyurethane foam in the amount of polyurethane products.


Polyurethane rigid foams are mostly closed-cell structure, which have good thermal insulation effect, light weight, high specific strength, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics.

At the same time, they also have the characteristics of sound insulation, shock resistance, electrical insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance, etc., and are widely used Insulating materials for refrigerators and freezers, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, buildings, storage tanks, and pipelines are used in non-insulated occasions, such as imitation wood, packaging materials, etc.


Generally speaking, rigid polyurethane foam with lower density is mainly used as heat insulation (heat preservation) material, and rigid polyurethane foam with higher density can be used as structural material (imitation wood).

Rigid polyurethane foam is generally foamed at room temperature, and the molding process is relatively simple. According to the degree of construction mechanization, it can be divided into manual foaming and mechanical foaming; according to the pressure during foaming, it can be divided into high-pressure foaming and low-pressure foaming; according to the molding method, it can be divided into pouring foaming and spraying foaming.
The main uses of polyurethane rigid foam are as follows:
1. Freezing and refrigerating equipment in food and other industries: such as refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, etc., polyurethane rigid foam is the most ideal insulation material for freezing and refrigerating equipment.
2. Insulation of industrial equipment: such as storage tanks, pipelines, etc.
3. Building materials: In developed countries in Europe and America, rigid polyurethane foam for construction accounts for about one-half of the total consumption of rigid foam, which is more than one-times the amount of rigid foam for refrigerators and freezers; in China, rigid foam is used in the construction industry. The application is not as widespread as in Western developed countries, so the potential for development is very large.
4. Transportation industry: such as car roofs, interior parts, etc.
5. Imitation wood: high-density (density 300^700kg/m3) polyurethane rigid foam or glass fiber reinforced rigid foam is a structural foam plastic, also known as imitation wood, which has high strength, good toughness, dense and tough crust, simple molding process, It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, higher strength than natural wood, and lower density than natural wood. It can replace wood for various high-end products.
6. Potting materials, etc.
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Post time: Jan-15-2022