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How to change the car shock absorber?

Car shock absorber replacement method:

First remove the large screws under the shock absorber, install the new shock absorber need to borrow a jack, find the support point to support the lower end of the shock absorber, press until you can top the bearing screws, twist tight. The following are the detailed steps.

1.First loosen the four wheel’s according to the diagonal order nuts, do not completely unscrew them.

2.Then use the lift to lift the car up, not too high, the wheels just a distance from the ground can be, to facilitate the work.

3.Next use a socket to unscrew the wheel nuts completely in diagonal order and take off the wheel.

4.Depending on the model, the brake distributor pump may need to be removed to facilitate the removal of the shock absorber, then remove the arm fixing bolts, followed by loosening the fixing nuts on the spring strut arm.

5.Use the caliper jack to hold the shock absorber arm in place, open the engine bonnet and then loosen the upper body fixing nut of the shock absorber, turn the caliper jack to lift the shock absorber arm upwards until the lower end of the shock absorber is separated from the front axle fixing, then slowly move the shock absorber away, then slowly lower the shock absorber arm until the shock elasticity is completely released, then completely loosen the upper body fixing nut of the shock absorber and take off the shock absorber.

6.After removing the shock absorber, use the shock spring remover to hold the spring in place to avoid the spring from moving up and out when the top screw is dismantled.

7. Dismantle and replace the damaged parts of the shock absorber as well as the rubber shield. The shock spring generally does not need to be replaced if there is no serious corrosion or fracture.

Post time: Jan-30-2023