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News - How to choose a U-shaped pillow, you will know after reading it
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How to choose a U-shaped pillow, you will know after reading it

U-shaped pillow is a must-have product for napping and business trips, and is loved by many people. So how to choose a U-shaped pillow? Which kind of filling is good? Today, PChouse will introduce it to you.
1. How to choose a U-shaped pillow
Material selection: pay attention to the air permeability and resilience of the material. A U-shaped pillow with good air permeability can prevent neck stuffiness and is suitable for all seasons. The slow-rebound material can provide a soft and comfortable support environment for the head and neck, and fix the head in the middle of the U-shaped pillow, so that the shape of the head will not be affected by movements such as turning the head during sleep, which is conducive to relieving fatigue.


Functional selection: The use of U-shaped pillows is mainly to prevent the strain of the cervical spine, to support and protect the head and neck of the human body, and to ensure the comfort of the neck. In recent years, many U-shaped pillows with different functions have appeared on the market, and because of their small size and portability, they are more and more popular among working and traveling parties.

2. What kind of filling is good for U-shaped pillows?


Each type of filling has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your personal preferences and needs.
Inflatable: Advantages: small size, light weight, easy to store; Disadvantages: It is unhygienic to blow with the mouth, and it is too troublesome to press with hands; the biggest disadvantage is that the top of the U-shaped pillow is arc-shaped, and its highest point has a certain distance from the head. The distance causes the support angle of the head to be too large, which makes the head tilt, causes the shoulder and neck muscles to stretch, and causes discomfort.
Particles: Advantages: Light weight; Disadvantages: The supporting force on the head is basically 0. The particles of the U-shaped pillow of particles are easy to shift.
Artificial cotton: advantages: light weight, cheap price (generally 10-30 yuan); disadvantages: the support force for the head is basically 0, most of the U-shaped pillows filled with artificial cotton are about 5cm in height, and they are not under pressure Static value, while the average human neck height is 8cm, and the U-shaped pillow with artificial cotton filling basically has no support for the head.


Memory foam: advantages: good support effect, good hand feeling; disadvantages: high price.
The above are the points to be paid attention to when choosing a U-shaped pillow and the related content of the filler. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Post time: Jan-17-2023