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Main Uses Of New Polyurethane Materials

The main uses of the new polyurethane material

Nowadays, polyurethane insulation material is known to everyone as insulation material, mainly used for wall insulation, pipe insulation two major places, such as oil pipelines, gas pipelines and house wall insulation.

Polyurethane insulation steel pipe against the use of steel pipe as the outer protective layer, with high strength. Not easy to damage and can withstand the characteristics of the larger upper load, in order to achieve a long life, the steel jacket pipe need to be anti-corrosion treatment.

Rolling support structure design is reasonable, rolling friction is small, fixed support force is reduced, its mechanical analysis principle is simple, pipeline stability, security has been greatly improved.

Polyurethane insulation steel pipe vacuum layer completely eliminates the existence of the air layer of heat conduction and heat convection, greatly reducing the heat loss. Compared with the air layer structure, in the same insulation thickness can reduce the outer wall temperature 8-13 ° c.

The vacuum device completely solves the problem of the inner wall of the outer steel casing being easily corroded by hot and wet air, which greatly improves the operating life of the direct buried steam pipeline. The product life is increased to 30 years.

Polyurethane insulation pipe is used for various indoor and outdoor pipelines, centralized heating pipelines, central air-conditioning pipelines, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial pipeline insulation, cold preservation project. Overview polyurethane foam insulation pipe since the birth of polyurethane synthetic materials in the thirties, has been as an excellent thermal insulation materials and rapid development, its application is more and more extensive, more because of its easy construction, energy-saving anti-corrosion effect and is used in a large number of various heating, refrigeration, oil, steam and other kinds of pipelines. It is used in large quantities in various pipelines for heating, cooling, oil and steam transmission, etc.


Economic benefits of the application of new polyurethane materials

Insulation pipe is an important factor affecting energy conservation, the development and application of insulation pipe is increasingly being paid attention to by countries around the world. after the 1970s, foreign countries generally attach importance to the production and application of insulation pipe, and strive to significantly reduce the amount of energy consumption, thereby reducing environmental pollution and the greenhouse effect. Foreign insulation industry has a long history, and new insulation materials are also emerging. 1980 years ago, China’s insulation pipe development is very slow, the few insulation plant can only produce a small number of underground buried insulation pipe, but China’s insulation industry after 30 years of efforts, especially after nearly 10 years of high-speed development, many products from nothing to have, from a single to diversification, quality from low to high, the Application is becoming more and more common. Polyurethane material is currently the most commonly used insulation material in the international arena. Rigid polyurethane has many excellent properties and is widely used in Europe and the United States in the field of thermal insulation. About 49% of the insulation materials in Europe and the United States and other developed countries are polyurethane materials, while in China this proportion is still less than 20%. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for the development of polyurethane material insulation pipe in China.

So, I introduced the main uses of the new polyurethane material, which has made a great improvement for the insulation performance of the insulation pipe, and also greatly reduced the heat loss of the insulation pipe, and improved the efficiency of the Russian work. It also has the advantages of simple construction, low price and many other advantages, become a lot of pipeline very favorite material. I believe that after the new polyurethane materials will continue to be used in new areas, new new polyurethane materials will also be invented.


Post time: Feb-28-2023