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Memory Pillow, Are You Sleeping Right?

Modern people are increasingly pursuing sleep quality and health, and memory pillows are good bedding. How to use the memory pillow correctly? Come and see if you are sleeping right?

How to use memory pillow correctly?

Today’s office workers have a lot of work pressure, plus they often sit in front of the computer, and even incorrect sitting posture can easily lead to problems on the cervical spine. Cervical vertebra problems can be big or small, ranging from only affecting the mental state of the next day, and serious problems such as insomnia, nausea, and dizziness. According to the doctor, 80% of cervical discomfort is due to the distortion of the third and fourth segments of the cervical spine, and 40% of cervical spine diseases are caused by improper pillow selection, which cannot be effectively repaired. The treatment of cervical spondylosis is very helpful.

However, although some people have purchased a memory pillow, they do not know how to use it correctly, and there is even a risk of aggravating cervical spine problems. Here I will teach you.

Like ordinary pillows, memory pillow pillows are also divided into positive and negative sides. The side with the zipper is the reverse side. We sleep on the front of it. Generally speaking, the front of the purchased memory pillow is high on one side and low on the other. The correct sleeping method is to sleep with the high side against the neck.


But a mistake that many people are prone to make is to sleep on the lower side. In fact, when we sleep against it, it will only sink a little, and the necks on both sides are just attached to the depressions on both sides of the memory pillow, to the greatest extent possible. The comfort of our head and neck is guaranteed, which is the most magical part of the memory pillow.

Therefore, the correct way to sleep the memory pillow should be to sleep on the high side, and the small groove on the high side should be close to our neck, and the head should be leaned slightly outward, which is the most correct. Memory pillow sleep method. In this way, the memory pillow will support our neck, relax our neck muscles, protect the cervical spine and eliminate fatigue. The wave shape of the memory pillow can maintain the neck level and is suitable for those with sore shoulders. The service life is about 3 years and needs to be replaced.

The memory pillow adopts slow-rebound memory foam, which is effective in reducing the pressure on the stress point of the human body, and can greatly reduce the gravitational pressure on the human neck and spine. Because the memory pillow can absorb pressure, it can significantly reduce the number of turnings during sleep, greatly improve the comfort of the neck, shoulders, and head, and play a great role in improving sleep quality. If the memory pillow is used correctly, there will be no stiff neck phenomenon.


Who is the memory pillow suitable for?

People with bad sleeping positions

Because of the long duration of bad sleeping position and the inability to adjust in time when the brain is at rest, it will inevitably lead to the imbalance of paravertebral muscles, ligaments and joints. This is a multifunctional memory pillow that needs to adjust the sleeping position curve to improve sleep. posture.

Crowds with improper working posture

A large number of statistical materials show that some workloads are not heavy and the intensity is not high, but the incidence of cervical spondylosis is particularly high in the sitting position, especially the lower-headed workers, including domestic workers, embroidery women, office workers, typists, and instrument assembly lines. assembler, etc.

People who do not exercise inappropriately

Normal physical exercise is conducive to health, but activities or sports that exceed the necks tolerance, such as headstands or somersaults with the head and neck as the weight-bearing support points, can increase the load on the cervical spine, especially in the absence of correct guidance. The damage to the cervical spine is particularly large.

Post time: Jun-24-2022