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News - Tips For Using Pillows
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Tips For Using Pillows

In addition to choosing a pillow that suits you, you also have to pay attention to how you use your pillow.
❶ When sleeping with the occiput on the top of the pillow, the shoulders should be slightly leaned on the pillow, and the back of the head should be placed on the top of the center of the pillow, which can stabilize the sleeping posture, avoid stiff neck, and maintain the normal physiological curve of the body.
❷ Flatten the middle of the pillow If the pillow core material with low elasticity is used, you can properly flatten the middle part of the pillow, and raise the neck where the pillow is placed, so that the cervical spine is neither bent forward nor sideways, so that you can get up in the morning. No neck pain.
❸ Adjust the appropriate pillow height If you feel that the pillow height is not right, you can try to put a towel under your shoulders (when it is too high) or put a towel on the pillow (when it is too low) to find the most comfortable pillow height.
❹ Auxiliary Pillow Magical Use When lying on the back, you can put a pillow under the knees to help the mattress support the lumbar spine and hips; when lying on the side, sandwich a soft and flat pillow between the legs to help maintain the lumbar spine in a straight state.



Since everyone’s cervical spine is different, finding a healthy pillow that works best for you can take some time. But it’s worth it, when you have a good pillow, it’s an extra peace of mind.

Post time: Jul-04-2022