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News - What are the manifestations of a damaged car shock absorber?
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What are the manifestations of a damaged car shock absorber?

1. Abnormal sound.
When driving over larger potholes or raised sections of road, the vehicle may have a metallic crashing sound.
2. Unstable tyres.
The grip of the rear wheels slips, making it easy to drift or understeer. The shock absorber has the function of preventing the tyres from bouncing off the ground, if damaged, it will affect the stability of the rear wheels.
3. Body shake.
If the shock absorber is not effective, the body will shake abnormally, and people will easily become uncomfortable under bumpy conditions, leading to motion sickness.
4. Poor handling.
Especially at high speed, the vehicle does not steer sensitively under the condition of shaking, and the brakes do not achieve the daily effect, so the handling is poor.

There are several ways to deal with the damage of the car shock absorber:
1. you can add the appropriate lubricant and then test it. If the housing is hot, the shock absorber is short of oil and should be fully oiled.
2. Press the bumper hard and then release it. If the car jumps 2 to 3 times, the shock absorber is working well.
3. If the car vibrates violently when driving slowly and when braking in an emergency, it means the shock absorber has a problem.
4. Remove the shock absorber and keep it upright, clamp the lower connecting ring on a vise and push and pull the shock absorber several times. This time there should be a steady resistance, the resistance of pulling up should be greater than the resistance of pressing down. If the resistance is not steady or if there is no resistance, the shock absorber may be short of oil internally or the valve parts may be damaged and the parts should be repaired or replaced.

Post time: Jan-30-2023