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What is a Medical Gel Positioning Pad?

Gel posture pad, in short, is a surgical posture pad made of gel material. The surgical posture pad is an essential surgical aid in the operating room of major hospitals. The resulting pressure ulcers (bedsores) occur, there are many kinds of postural cushion materials, and gel is the material that can best play its role as a surgical assistant.

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The placement of the surgical position is the key to the success of an operation. After anesthesia, the patient’s muscles relax, and the patient loses his or her autonomy. Therefore, the surgical position should not only ensure that the surgical field can be fully exposed, so that the operation can be carried out smoothly, but also take care of the patient’s normal breathing and circulatory function, and avoid limbs, joints and injuries. Complications due to nerve compression.Therefore, the operating room needs some auxiliary tools to meet these needs.

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1. Provide a good, comfortable and stable postural fixation for surgical patients, maximize the exposure of the surgical field, reduce the operation time, disperse the pressure to the greatest extent, and reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers and nerve damage.

2. The material is composed of polymer gel, which has good flexibility, shock absorption and compression resistance, and has good histocompatibility similar to human tissue, avoiding the formation of bedsores to the greatest extent.

3. It can pass through X-rays, the insulation is non-conductive, and it has good weather resistance. The weather resistance temperature is from -10to +50.

4. It is easy to clean and disinfect, and it can be disinfected with non-corrosive disinfectant such as alcohol. (Prohibited: Do not use high temperature, high pressure disinfection, and do not soak in disinfectant for a long time.)

5. The material does not contain silicone, latex or any emulsifier, no pollution, no adverse reactions to the human body, and does not support bacterial growth itself.


Cleaning and Disinfection Methods

1. The surgical position pad does not absorb water. For the dirt on the surface of the pad, it can be cleaned with water or detergent, or it can be disinfected with alcohol;

2. It is not recommended to scrub with iodine-containing disinfectants;

3. Can not be sterilized and fumigated at high temperature and high pressure;

4. Do not soak in disinfectant for a long time;

Avoid disinfection with UV radiation.


Post time: Jun-27-2022