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What Is The Application Of Flexible Foam And Integral Skin Foam (ISF) ?

Based on the characteristics of PU flexible foam, PU foam is widely used in all walks of life. Polyurethane foam is divided into two parts: high rebound and slow rebound. Its main uses include: furniture cushion, mattresscar cushion, fabric composite products, packaging materials , sound insulation materials and so on.

Integral Skin Foam (ISF) has a high strength surface layer, so the total physical and mechanical properties of its products greatly exceed the same density of ordinary polyurethane foam properties. Integral Skin Foam (ISF) are widely used in automobile steering wheel,armrest, headrest, bicycle seat, motorcycle seat, door knob, choke plate and bumper, etc.

1.Furniture and household supplies

PU foam is an ideal material for furniture upholstery. At present, most of the cushions of seats, sofas and back support cushion are made of PU flexible foam.Cushion material is the field with the largest amount of PU flexible foam.

The seat cushion is generally made of PU foam and plastic (or metal) skeleton support materials, but also can be made of double hardness PU foam full polyurethane seat.

High rebound foam has higher bearing capacity, better comfort, has been widely used in a variety of vehicles cushion, backrest, armrest and so on.

PU flexible foam has good air permeability and moisture permeability, and is also suitable for making mattresses. There are all PU flexible foam mattresses, can also be made of polyurethane foam of different hardness and density of double hardness mattress.

Slow rebound foam has the characteristics of slow recovery, soft feel, close fitting to the body, small reaction force, good comfort and so on. In recent years, it is popular as memory foam pillow,mattress, pillow core, cushion,earplug and other cushion materials. Among them, the slow rebound foam mattresses and pillows are called high-grade “space .


2.Automotive upholstery
PU flexible foam is widely used in automotive accessories, such as car seats , roof  etc.
The perforated PU flexible foam has good sound absorption and shock absorption performance, which can be used for indoor sound insulation materials with broadband audio devices, and can also be directly used to cover noise sources (such as air blowers and air conditioners). PU foam is also used as internal sound insulation material. Automobile and other audio, loudspeaker uses open hole foam as sound-absorbing material, so that the sound quality is more beautiful.
The thin sheet made of polyurethane block can be compound with PVC material and fabric, used as the inner wall lining of automobile compartment, which can reduce noise and play a certain decorative effect.
Integral Skin Foam (ISF) is widely used in handrest , bumper , bump stop,splash guard,steering wheel etc.

Automotive upholstery

3.fabric composite materials

It is one of the classic application fields of foam laminate which is made of foam sheet and various textile fabrics by flame compounding or adhesive bonding method.  The composite sheet is light in weight, with good heat insulation and air permeability, especially suitable for lining clothing.  For example, it is used as garment shoulder pad, bra sponge pad, lining of all kinds of shoes and handbags, etc.

Compound foam plastic is also widely used in interior decoration materials and furniture cladding materials, as well as the cover cloth of vehicle seats.  The composite material made of fabric and PU foam, aluminum alloy and high strength adhesive belt are used to make medical braces such as stretched arms, stretched legs and neck girth. The air permeability is 200 times that of plaster bandage.

fabric composite materials


Polyurethane can be used to make a variety of toys. For the safety of children, most of the toys used are flexible foam. Using PU foam raw material, with simple resin mold can be molded all kinds of shape of the whole leather foam toy products, such as the rugbyfootball and other spherical model toys, various animal model toys. Using color leather spraying technology, can make the toy has gorgeous color. Solid toys produced by slow rebound materials slowly recover after compression, increasing the toy’s playability, more popular.  In addition to making toys by molding process, it can also be used to cut the scraps of blocks of bubbles into certain shapes and bonded with PU soft foam adhesive into toys and industrial products of various shapes.

toy & ball

5.Sports equipment

PU foam can be used as protective equipment for gymnastics, judo, wrestling and other sports, as well as anti-impact cushion for high jump and pole vault.  It can also be used to make boxing glove liners and sports balls.

Sports equipment

6.Shoes material

Polyurethane flexible foam can also be used in the production of soleinsoles and so on.Compared with ordinary plastic and rubber sole materials, polyurethane foam sole has small density, abrasion resistance, good elasticity, high strength, good flexural resistance and comfortable wearing. In addition, according to the need to adjust the formula, can make it with acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, anti-aging, anti-hydrolysis, anti-static, insulation and other properties. It can meet the different needs of casual shoes, sports shoes, labor protection shoes, military shoes, fashion shoes and children’s shoes.


7.Integral Skin Foam (ISF) application
PU self-peeling foaming products have high impact resistance and wear resistance; Light weight, high resilience; Hardness can be modulated according to customer requirements; The surface is easy to color, easy to color the whole;can be made into any shape. In addition to the above applications,integral skin foam(ISF) is often used in the manufacture of bicycle seat, motorcycle seat, airport seat, baby toilet , bathroom headrest and so on.


Post time: Oct-08-2022