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What Is The Difference Between A PU Anti-static Chair And An Ordinary Chair?

Polyurethane anti-static chairs are still very different from ordinary work chairs. The seat surface of polyurethane anti-static chairs is processed by two processes: sewing or integral molding. It can be sewn from anti-static PVC or PU leather, or polypropylene can be used. (pp) Material injection molding. Other metal parts of the chair body are specially treated to achieve anti-static effect. The chair wheel has a conductive wheel, the seat surface and the seat body to form a unified electrostatic discharge body, which effectively reduces the harm caused by static electricity.

Introduction of polyurethane anti-static chair:

It is mainly made of anti-static PU/PVC seat surface. The resistance value of the material surface is below 10 to the 6th power or 10 to the 6th to 10 to the 11th ohm. Polyurethane anti-static chair surface has high strength and high hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fission resistance, heat dissipation and ventilation, comfortable texture, suitable for anti-static environment and 10,000-level clean room, alcohol resistance (limited to PVC).


The main purpose of the polyurethane anti-static chair is to eliminate static electricity, and it is widely used in electronic production workshops, laboratories, and dust-free workshops. Cheap chairs are around 100, and better ones are durable at around 500; they have anti-folding, anti-aging, high bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, high temperature, lightweight, durable, stackable; according to user needs Customized in various specifications and sizes, aluminum alloy edging, can be covered, dustproof, beautiful appearance.

What is the difference between an anti-static leather chair and an ordinary leather chair?

In addition to the functions of ordinary chairs, polyurethane anti-static chairs also have anti-static functions, which are realized by discharging static electricity through their own anti-static materials, anti-static wheels, grounding chains, anti-static floors, grounding systems and other supporting facilities.

If the polyurethane anti-static chair is equipped with a long pneumatic lift rod to increase the height of the seat surface, a foot ring can be added to increase the comfort; anti-static wheels are selected for easy movement; anti-static foot cups (also called suction cups) are selected for easy fixing; higher purification level The most comfortable ones are PP injection molding chairs and PU foam chairs; the more comfortable ones are PU/PVC leather chairs.


Polyurethane anti-static chairs are widely used in electronic production workshops, laboratories, dust-free workshops, etc.; the lines of the metal bracket outline the comfortable shape of the leather, and the flexibility of the leather texture is highlighted in the comparison; the light and tough metal armrests and the soft-touch leather complement each other. , is a stylish interpretation of the industrial chair.

Post time: Sep-29-2022