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Memory Foam Pillow Slow Rebound Bread Memory f Pillow Adult Sleep Pillow Core

Short Description:

The horizontal pillow shape like bread is suitable for various sleeping positions and looks very comfortable. High-density soft memory foam, very friendly to people with shoulder and neck strain. Fits the curvature of the neck, provides friendly support, and effectively improves sleep quality.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Pillow Upgrade

Do not change traditional sleep habits
Does not define sleep define comfort
Support upgrade, comfortable deep sleep
Skin-friendly fabric: breathable and comfortable
Curve optimization: pampering all night
Core upgrade: memory foam core
Detachable jacket: easy to remove and wash


Soft but not sagging, care for the cervical spine

Balanced pressure release, full support, natural fit
Ergonomic partition design
A long sleep will not collapse Out of shape not easily
Balanced pressure release, good pressure release performance, easy to enter deep sleep


Intelligent partition care to relax the head and neck
Ergonomic partition support design
Provide full support for the head and shoulders to meet various sleeping positions


 Three-point fit for easier sleep

Fits naturally, releases pressure on the cervical spine, and sleeps all night


Double Care
Comfort and health coexist
Skin-friendly pillowcase + bird’s eye cloth lining, protect the inner core and protect your health


Space memory foam inner core

Space memory foam full support,

three-dimensional support, evenly distributed force points

healthy material | memory recall | Not easily deformed

Absorb human pressure, adjust the human body to a comfortable state,

slow rebound function can relieve pressure than latex straight elastic







Raw Material


Cover Material



60*35*9/11 cm

70*38*11 cm

60*40*12 cm

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