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Know The Pillow , Find Your Own Pillow

Since each person’s physical condition, cervical spine curvature, length, shoulder width and size are different, when choosing a pillow, it is necessary to choose according to different personal conditions, so as to establish a truly healthy pillow-neck relationship.


Due to the difference in the curvature of the cervical spine between men and women, generally speaking, men prefer hard and high pillows, and women prefer soft and low pillows

So, how to choose a good pillow for you? The firmness, height, size and other factors of the pillow should be taken into consideration.

The firmness of the pillow

A pillow that is too hard can compress the carotid arteries, resulting in stiff shoulders and sore muscles. It may also cause poor blood circulation, which in turn can lead to hypoxia in the brain. The direct response to hypoxia is an increase in saliva secretion, and habitually opening the mouth to breathe for a long time, which is easy to “drool”.

A pillow that is too soft will cause the head to sink deep into it, the blood flow will be too concentrated, the pressure on the blood vessel wall will increase, and the facial muscles will be stressed, resulting in swollen eyes and a slight headache in the morning.


When a person is sleeping, the temperature of the head is 2~3 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature of the torso, which requires that the pillow should have a certain degree of breathability in addition to being soft and hard to ensure a smooth sleep.

Different materials determine the degree of softness and hardness of the pillow. At present, the most widely used pillow fillers on the market are polyester fiber, feather (down), buckwheat, latex, memory foam (polyurethane), synthetic particles and so on. They also vary in support, breathability, cleaning, and price.

We can divide it into two categories: soft and hard:


Soft pillow: pillow filled with polyester fiber, feather (or down) and latex

Polyester fiber pillows: fluffy, cost-effective, and most washable. But it tends to accumulate dust and dust mites.

Feather pillow: fluffy, cost-effective, better moisture absorption. But it can’t be cleaned, there will be a little peculiar smell of poultry feathers.

Latex pillow: soft, breathable and elastic, anti-mite and antibacterial. But it cannot be cleaned, the price is higher, and there is a slight weak fragrance.


Hard pillows: pillows filled with memory foam (polyurethane), buckwheat pillows and synthetic particles

Memory foam pillow: ergonomic, good support. But it can’t be washed, it’s not very breathable, and the price is high.

Buckwheat pillow: warm in winter and cool in summer, absorbs sweat and moisture, has good ventilation, and is cost-effective. But not washable, inelastic, easy to mildew.

Synthetic particle pillow: good fluidity, strong air permeability, anti-mite and antibacterial, washable. But shape retention is poor.


Pillows of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the purchase is determined according to personal needs and actual budget

the height of the pillow

A pillow that is too high will destroy the natural curvature of the cervical spine, making the muscles and ligaments behind the neck tense and stiff, resulting in stiff neck.

A pillow that is too low will cause the jaw to rise naturally, the throat will be compressed, the uvula in the mouth will naturally sag, blocking the airway, causing snoring, which will not only reduce the quality of your own sleep, but also affect the sleep of others.


The angle between the head and the horizontal line is about 5° when the ideal pillow is lying down

Generally speaking, the height of the pillow, excluding the elastically bulging part, is the same height as one’s fist when a person is lying on his back. This height can make the back of the head part slightly away from the bed surface; when lying on the side, it should be the height of one shoulder. Width, about 1.5 times the size of a fist.


These two different heights ensure that the cervical spine maintains a normal curvature when lying on the back and on the side

In fact, for the choice of pillow height, the most important thing is the actual experience of the body. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the store to actually try to sleep and experience it if possible.

the size of the pillow

The principle is about 1.25 times the width of your shoulders. The size of the pillow you choose is related to your age, body shape, frequency of turning over, and matching bedding. Everyone’s needs are different, and there are differences in pillow sizes from major brands.


The width of the pillows we can buy on the market can be roughly divided into 4 types: about 55cm, about 65cm, more than 70cm and double pillows of about 120cm.

55cm and below: Mostly designed for teenagers and children of different growth stages, and also suitable for petite women.

About 65cm: It can meet the daily use of most people.

70cm and above: It is more suitable for users who like the feeling of pillow wrapping, which is more common in major hotels and guesthouses. At the same time, due to the larger size, the feeling of sleeping is relatively high.

About 120cm (double pillow): It has been used less in recent years. Since the movements of one person will affect the other person beside the pillow, it is not recommended to buy it.


Since each person’s physical condition, cervical spine curvature, length, shoulder width and size are different, when choosing a pillow, it is necessary to choose according to different personal conditions, so as to establish a truly healthy pillow-neck relationship.

Post time: Jul-04-2022