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Butterfly Memory Gel Pillow Protects Cervical Spine Slow Rebound Memory Pillow memory pillow Community Verified icon

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It is suitable for people who like to sleep on one side, have cervical vertebra and shoulder pain, work with mobile phone or head down for a long time, and often sweat and fear heat. When lying on the back, the middle of the 3D butterfly design, radian to support the head, neck and shoulder, neck protection sleep. When sleeping on the side, the unique design of the occipital wing hanging 45 degrees releases the neck pressure so that the shoulder can be fully supported.

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Gel is a solid in liquid. Its special touch is unmatched by other materials. It has high viscoelasticity and special physical properties. This kind of substance with very similar properties to human skin has been praised as “artificial skin”. Currently, gels are widely used in the medical field due to their good fit and skin-friendly properties.




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