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3D Mousse Gel Pad For Gel Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

Short Description:

The polymer gel has the characteristics of high elasticity and soft curves of the human body, and it touches your skin gently. The soft touch like water makes people feel as if they are floating on the water surface, naturally fitting the neck curve, allowing the brain and body to achieve the best relaxation state, creating a more lasting and sweet deep sleep effect.

Product Detail

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Breathable And Refreshing

3D three-dimensional concave and convex surface design

Quickly disperse body heat

Absorbs hot and humid sweat

Speed up drying and ventilation

Perspiration | Moisture absorption | Dry | Breathable

3D Mousse Gel Pad-2


Warm In Winter And Cool In Summer
artificial skin,thermostatic gel
Let the brain reach a relaxed state and create a more lasting sweet and deep sleep
Gel is a solid in a liquid. Its touch is unmatched by other materials, and its overall comfort and constant temperature are good. This kind of gel has similar properties to human skin and is dubbed “artificial skin” by people. It has a good fit. , skin-friendly, pressure-releasing, and also achieves moisture absorption, breathability, antibacterial and anti-mite, it is the best choice for trying to sleep.

Constant temperature and sleep comfort:

When the human body dimension drops to a certain temperature, it will maintain a constant temperature state.

Diluted antibacterial:

It is hygroscopic and breathable, effectively antibacterial and anti-mite.





3D mousse gel cushion is suitable for the production of gel pillow and gel seat cushion. Covering the memory pillow plays the role of cooling, moisture absorption and ventilation.



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