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Car Aviation Seat Backrest Adjustable Luxury Business Seat Suv Seat

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The side of the seat is designed with a place to place the mobile phone, and the business attributes are more obvious. The various function control switches designed on the side are exquisite and delicate in workmanship, and the position is just convenient for the passengers to adjust. Keep your business journeys uninterrupted. Electric backrest adjustment, USB charging port, leg rest adjustment, heating and ventilation function and massage function, such a comprehensive configuration will seamlessly connect the experience of first-class aircraft to business class on land.



1. Move back and forth to adjust
Electric front and rear adjustment, you can easily adjust the position of the aviation seat according to the needs, to meet the application requirements in different occasions, easy and effortless, convenient and hassle-free.

2. Backrest adjustment
The electric foot mop can be adjusted 90 degrees, and can be adjusted to a suitable angle according to the posture of the legs. Especially when the backrest and legs are leveled, it is like lying on a large sofa, and sitting in the car feels extremely comfortable.

3. Ventilation
The ventilation function is generally suitable for summer and autumn to avoid the sticky feeling caused by the skin touching the seat for a long time. However, the ventilation function can effectively avoid this situation and make the whole body comfortable and natural.

4. Heating
The heating function is generally suitable for winter and spring. When the weather is cold, lie on the seat to heat the whole body, especially to avoid the cold situation when resting in the car. With it, you will not feel cold when you sleep in the car.、

Most of the massage functions are vibration massages, and the air seats are generally automatic massages on the head, back, buttocks, and legs. The vibration frequency, size and duration can be adjusted freely, which can effectively relieve the fatigue of the journey and greatly help sleep. There is also a pneumatic massage, which completes the massage function by rolling the airbag to inflate and deflate. The comfort is higher, and riders who are not comfortable with vibration massage can upgrade the pneumatic massage.





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