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Audi Absorber Bump Automatic Bumper shock absorber

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(1) Comprehensively improve driving stability, enhance driving comfort, and enjoy driving pleasure;
(2) It can reduce the vibration of the body to a limited extent and absorb the noise of the suspension system;
(3) Solve the problem of weak spring and increase the body by 0.2-0.3 cm, but it cannot effectively improve the bearing capacity;
(4) Limited buffering and absorbing the instantaneous pressure caused by the rough road to avoid damage to the shock absorber system (Warning: Exceeding the limit will damage the shock absorber system).900 002主图1


Absorber Bump:
1. Effectively solve the problem of weak shock absorber spring and restore shock absorber performance.
2. Protect the shock absorber and suspension system and avoid oil leakage from the oil seal of the shock absorber core.
3. The test results can prolong the life of the shock absorber by more than 2 times.

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Dust Covers (Boots):
1. The function of the shock absorber dust jacket is mainly to prevent dust.
2. The shock absorber dust jacket also protects the lubricating oil inside from flowing out and protects the shock absorber from being covered by dust.

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Warranty 2 year
Car Model Audi 50 1974-1978

Audi 80 1972-1990

Product name Air Shock Absorber
Application Auto Suspension Parts
Position Suspension System
Material PU,PP
Color White,Black



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