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Ergonomic Memory Foam Back Lumbar Sopport Cushion Pillow With Belt

Short Description:

Scientific and beautiful curvature conformed to human body takes care of sedentary crowd with the lumbar pain problem, and corrects your sitting posture by filling the inter-space between the back and the chair.Persistent application may help developing proper sitting habit, avoiding the possibility of chronic waist-ache.Different from the traditional pillows filled by canton, there is high-density and fast-rebound memory foam used as the core of the pillow, helping hold your spine softly for a long time without being deformed to lighten the most pain due to sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone injuries,pregnancy,hip pain and so on.Moreover, profit from the smooth zipper and the elastic belt, the whole cushion is easy to wash and change, which also makes it helpful when you go on an official mission or travelling by the main forms of transportation.The brief and modern appearance could fit in all circumstances.

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1.Curves fit scientific human body, protect your spine
2.Non-deformable memory foam support your lumbar perfectly, avoiding pain
3.Persistent application builds healthy sitting posture
4.Dis-mountable outer layer easy to wash and change
5.Portable size to use it on airplane or in the car
6.Modern and neat out-looking


Latest design using memory foam provides stable support to your waist and ergonomic shape minimize the pain suffering from sitting for a long period. Benefit from its handable size and changeable outer layer, it is convenient to bring it outside your house. Simple, neat but useful structure brings healthy, comfort and relax.

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Ergonomic memory foam cushion could be used in viable situations in everyday life, such as: long time indoor office work, long journey, pregnancy, fixing incorrect sitting posture, and other sedentary circumstance.



1. What are your prices?
A: Our prices are decided by supply and other market factors.please contact us for more messages, we would send you the price list of our products.

2. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
A: Yes. There is a minimum order quantity needed to all the oversea orders, which could be found from our website.

3. Can you supply the relevant documentation?
A: Yes. Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export documents could all be showed if you required.

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