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Buy Enlarged Mesh Ergonomic Memory Foam Spine Support Chair Pillow With Adjustable Elastic Belt manufacturers and suppliers | Mikufoam
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Enlarged Mesh Ergonomic Memory Foam Spine Support Chair Pillow With Adjustable Elastic Belt

Short Description:

Bigger size following natural curve of human spine bring you comfort and health.

Bigger sized high-dense and non-deformable memory foam gives solid but gentle support to your whole back,cooperating with the ergonomic 3D curve, maximizing the comfort while using.The extension of the height of the pillow and cocked two sides cover the whole back to support your latissimus dorsi,scapula and spine.After persistent application,it may help you keeping healthy sitting posture and avoiding spine problems.An adjustable belt with high elasticity is also added on every pillow which helps to fix and change pillow’s position.The mesh outer layer with smooth zipper is not only skin-friendly and ventilating,but also easily changed and washed.Moreover,you could add a mating sitting cushion together to get a better feeling when seating.

Product Detail

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1.Cover the whole back, protect your spine
2.Curvature designed helps the spine to follow its natural shape
3.Correlative proper and healthy sitting posture
4.Adjustable belts help moving and fixing the cushion
5.Mesh cloth chosen is skin-friendly and breathing freely
6.Another mating seat cushion could be purchased at the same time





1.How about the smell?
A:There would be slight order after removing the package,which comes from the raw material and not
harmful to human body.The smell would be dissipated naturally in one week.

2.Could the products be washed?
A:The cotter layer is able to wash but the inner core is not.

3.Why there is small bubbles\holes on the inner core?
A:Our products are adopted to the industrial plastics molds, which may caused minuets bubbles.It would not influence the usage, please feel relieved to use.

4.How about the after-sales services?
A:If you met any problem,please contact to our customer services on time and we will give you suitable
report according to different situations.

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