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Slow Rebound Memory Cotton Tail Vertebra Decompression Seat Cushion

Short Description:

This cushion is designed for sedentary people.  Ergonomic, partition hip care!  Sunken package, curve fitting, sedentary not tired, care for the spine!  Ergonomic design: 3D memory cotton butt care cushion.  Healthy, comfortable, decompression, any person can sit for a long time not tired!  It is designed for sedentary people, the whole person naturally presents a straight and upright posture!  You can relax and adjust your posture.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Beautiful buttock shaping is suitable for many scenarios
Driving, dormitory study, work and office, home leisure
Easy to sit peach buttocks ~
Partition design three-dimensional package
Fit hip curve to make beautiful buttock line
Sedentary flat chair face buttocks are still full and relaxed


W curve hips and hips
W shape beautiful buttock curve wraps gather buttock
Ergonomic design releases hip pressure

M – shaped curve tight thin legs
The M – shaped front end of the cushion fits the thigh
Improves blood flow to the legs and relaxes the muscles

U-shaped curve protects the tail vertebra

U – shaped hollow rear end of cushion

Assist with zero pressure placement of the coccyx




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