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Thickened Memory Foam Seat Cushion For Long Sitting, Breathable Tail Decompression

Short Description:

Cushion with slow rebound memory foam material, elastic release pressure, long time compression without deformation.  Long round hole design in the middle, increase air circulation, link use cushion in summer hot situation.  Edge radian design, natural down legs, do not press leg nerve, keep leg blood circulation, sitting more comfortable.

Product Detail

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The Package Is Designed To Fit The Hips  

Distribute hip pressure evenly to make sitting more comfortable

Sunken surface design, reduce pressure

Hollow design, so that the air more circulation and prevent injury site more pain


Warm Memory Foam, Release Hip Pressure
Slow rebound sky memory cotton, effective absorption of human pressure, increase cushion comfort
Temperature-sensitive memory cotton is sensitive to human body temperature and gradually becomes soft
At the same time absorb the body pressure to adjust the body to a comfortable posture
And the part below that’s not exposed to human temperature
It still has enough support


Ergonomic Design  

Comfortable, not sore, easy to work
Hollow breathable area: comfortable breathable, sedentary and not stuffy
Coccygeal support design: distribute coccygeal pressure
Wrap design: lock hips and legs, not easy to move around




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