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Buy Gel Pillow Adult Home Summer Cool Slow Rebound Memory Pillow manufacturers and suppliers | Mikufoam
Mikufoam is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various foam products

Gel Pillow Adult Home Summer Cool Slow Rebound Memory Pillow

Short Description:

Gel cool particles, constant temperature and heat absorption, natural sleep.  The gel contains dense cool particles inside, which can absorb human heat and form open heat exchange between human body, gel and air through high heat conduction and diffusion of gel particles, and finally form a constant temperature environment.  This makes the human body comfortable temperature environment will allow you to sleep safely

Product Detail

Product Tags

1.Sensible Temperature Control Constant Temperature Help Sleep

Warm in winter and cool in summer, pillow temperature automatically adjusts with body temperature, fast into sleep.


2.Ergonomic Design

Scientific neck protection, fit cervical curve.



3.Deep Repair And Care Of Cervical Spine

Relax your head, relax your neck, relax your shoulders



4.Soft as space

0 pressure sleep sense, according to the change of sleeping position can automatically adjust to the human body comfortable position




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